About Bleeding Hollow's Adamant

We are Adamant! We are a guild on the Bleeding Hollow-US. We are a group of friends: who have gathered over several years of playing, who live across the RL world, who like to kill virtual dragons.

Currently, as a guild, we are focused on 10-man raid content. But since we adventure on a Player vs. Player realm, we do PvP. So all types of players are welcome.

Rated Battlegrounds would be an excellent addition to our schedule.

We are looking to expand into 25-man raiding. If you want to join, wonderful. But I suggest that you check out our forum's "Guild Information" first. It allows you to see if this guild will be the right fit for your style of gameplay. After reading our forums and your gameplay style fits, it would be wonderful if you applied to our guild.

Later days,
<Adamant> Guild Leader

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